Support in Difficult Times

March 27, 2020 Dan 0

The critical nature of our business means that there is no chance for many of our facility partners to rest. These trying times have greatly impacted our society as a whole, but our partners still […]


The Future of Support

November 6, 2019 Dan 0

One of the legacies at RCK that has been passed down is to provide the best support for our customers as we possibly can. I remember with fondness from over twenty years ago listening to […]


Backyard Adventures

May 1, 2017 Dan 0

While we oftentimes find ourselves at all corners of our country (from Florida to Alaska), and even the world (China, the middle East, Eastern Europe), sometimes it is nice to have a local project, and […]


World Travelers

April 24, 2017 Dan 0

Normally traveling the world for an RCK Engineer means long hours in a noisy control room getting a new system started up, with very little enjoyment of the local culture. John and Alex are fortunate […]


Repeat Customers

April 17, 2017 Dan 0

Nothing makes us happier at RCK than when a long time customer comes to us wanting to expand, update or modify an existing RCK system. We pride ourselves at always being just a phone call […]

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Old Friends/New Friends

January 14, 2014 Dan 0

The end of 2013 was bittersweet for RCK Controls, as Vice President and co-founder Al Kor retired. Al has done a wonderful job mentoring young engineers here at RCK for years now, and thankfully will […]


Visit Ontario this Fall

October 23, 2013 Dan 0

For a couple years now one project in particular has kept us busy, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. We are excited to see they opened to the public last week and wish them the best. If […]

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May 7, 2013 Dan 0

It has been quite a busy few months here at RCK, and I do say, ‘here’ loosely, as RCK has been strongly represented from coast to coast. With the recent AALSO conference in northern California, […]