The Future of Support

One of the legacies at RCK that has been passed down is to provide the best support for our customers as we possibly can. I remember with fondness from over twenty years ago listening to one of our founders, Tony Cesena, talk some support issue through with customers. His mixture of calmness, laughter, experience and knowledge helped turn what was a challenging, volatile situation, into a quick solution, regularly interspersed with laughter. Another crisis averted, he would close the conversation with one of his patented sayings, something like,

‘Nothing but the best for the boys!’

The core tenets of what we were taught by Tony still hold true…

– Always answer the phone, be there when people need you.
– Be thorough, be creative, use your imagination in trying to diagnose and solve whatever the issue is.
– Put yourselves in their shoes, understand, as much as possible, what the perspective of the customer is.

These days, thanks to some modern technologies, we have added some capabilities to the support we can offer. Everything from automatic backups and offsite archive storage, to a support tracking site that you can reach via email, RCK will always be thinking about and implementing ways we can improve our abilities to help you when you need it.

The tools of the modern age provide new opportunities to improve our support capabilities, and in addition to that, we will continue to honor Tony’s legacy by being there when you need it, and hopefully turning what was a bad day for you, into one you think back on with fond memories of a problem solved, and a laugh shared.

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