Migratory Patterns of the North American IT Professional

To the traditional death and taxes, our modern age seems to have added Updated Operating Systems to the inevitable aspects of life. Microsoft has deemed January 14, 2020 to be the End of Extended Support for Windows 7. Many of our customers were forced by corporate policy to migrate their legacy computers to Windows 7 in the recent past, and now are facing the same process and cost moving to Windows 10. Thankfully the I/O platforms we have used over the years continue to be very reliable, and outlive Microsoft’s operating systems by decades. RCK has thoroughly tested our software in the Windows 10 environment, and we also have a migration path ready for you if you need to move off of the legacy RCK Embedded Controllers (our old Blue Boxes!). We are fully ready to help in moving to Windows 10, give us a call to talk any of that through.

One other thing to keep in mind is the move in the country to 4G. If you currently have a 3G cellular modem at your site providing remote access or outbound notifications we have some reliable, cost effective 4G options ready.

We can’t help with the death and taxes, but are ready to assist you and your site in migrating to the latest and greatest in Microsoft Operating Systems.

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