2020 AALSO & RAW Joint Symposium – Cancelled

There has been a long and fruitful relationship between RCK Controls and the annual AALSO conference. I can speak with first hand knowledge of how hard the leadership in the AALSO organization worked to make this year’s joint symposium with RAW a successful one, and also have knowledge of how disappointed they were when it first became apparent that the looming Corona Virus related pandemic might effect things adversely.

With the cancellation of the symposium in Springfield this year, there is a high level of disappointment. Disappointment in the loss of educational opportunities, both formal and informal. Disappointment in the loss of camaraderie, a group that is very tight knit, and supports each other in thick and thin, with have to communicate that camaraderie from afar.

With that disappointment also comes a sense of underlying hope. That even in these difficult times, facility staffs around the country and the world know that their brothers and sisters have their back. If there is a need, the people in our community will be there for each other. And we look forward to next year, to meeting again in Pittsburgh, where once again we can come together, meet, exchange ideas, tell stories, and continue to build our community.

We are sad that AALSO was cancelled, but we are confident that the community of life support operators will continue to be one in which we are stronger because of the bonds we have with each other.

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