Old Friends/New Friends

The end of 2013 was bittersweet for RCK Controls, as Vice President and co-founder Al Kor retired. Al has done a wonderful job mentoring young engineers here at RCK for years now, and thankfully will still be a part of RCK’s family, but acting more as a consultant and occasional field startup engineer. The contributions Al has made over the years will be long remembered and will continue to have a large impact here at RCK and at zoos and aquariums and their staffs around the country and the world. Thanks, Al!

David Bierman joined the staff at RCK this past February after working in Engineering for twelve years at Solar Turbines here in San Diego. Dave is a graduate of UC San Diego in Mechanical Engineering and has hit the ground running here, making critical contributions to various projects in the second half of 2013. From design work, to process logic development, field startup work, and ongoing support, Dave continues the RCK tradition of being there for site staff from the beginning of a project, helping to make their systems work smoothly and reliably.

Alex Zhernachuk also joined RCK this year, after recently completing his studies in Mechanical Engineering at UC San Diego. A young engineer, Alex has already demonstrated his strength in areas like information technology, hardware integration and process logic work. Alex has also shown a strong aptitude for support, as he has provided great assistance to many of our customers already.

Not having Al in the office on a daily basis makes the office a very different place, but we are happy that he now has more time to enjoy his favorite things to do, mainly exploring the open roads of this part of the world. Having Dave and Alex join us and so quickly get up to speed has strengthened us at RCK for the long haul. We welcome the changes and look forward to a bright future.

Happy 2014, may it be prosperous and successful for you all!

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