It has been quite a busy few months here at RCK, and I do say, ‘here’ loosely, as RCK has been strongly represented from coast to coast. With the recent AALSO conference in northern California, followed closely by the RAW conference in Atlanta, we have been able to get out and about to talk with operators and aquarists about how we can help you at your facilities. It is especially good for me (Dan) to get out there so I have practical conversations with folks about how you all are using our software, what works, what you would like to change, how we can make your jobs easier.

The conferences were also a good opportunity for us to work with the great guys from Toro Soleil, who we were sharing booth space with as they were showing off their Sentinel units. Lots of interesting conversations about what those units can do, don’t forget to check out the Toro Soleil website at

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