RCK Controls, Inc. provides integrated management and control systems for a wide variety of industries. RCK’s management and control systems utilize the latest technologies to provide distributed, intuitive graphic user interfaces capable of operating anywhere in the LAN, WAN and over VPN tunnels. The systems are Microsoft compliant allowing the user access to all the functionality, power and ubiquity of modern operating systems and their software packages.

RCK’s extensive experience and knowledge of process control applications is applied to every project. To provide effective management and control solutions RCK first studies and learns the client’s process, applies modern and well-tested automated control software and hardware technologies, then integrates the control system into the enterprise in which it lives.

Our diverse staff has been working for over three decades in the control system and automation industry. Our backgrounds include engineering, computer science, economics, electronics, and graphic design which allows us to design both user friendly and technically sound systems. We understand the processes we control and perform appropriate analyses using the principles of hydraulics, thermodynamics and economics to provide the most effective and efficient systems.