RCK Controls, Inc. supports a wide variety of PLC, PAC and other I/O hardware solutions. We will work with you to determine the platform that works best for you by evaluating a large number metrics including cost, reliability, form factor and support.

RCK has worked with numerous sites to integrate disparate sources of I/O and multiple types of PLC into one larger management and control system. From completely integrating entire facilities with thousands of I/O points into one master interface, to combining multiple types of PLC and I/O platforms together into one seamless system, RCK has the experience to meet your needs. Rather than eliminating a large PLC and I/O hardware base in your existing system, we often can use that base and upgrade and integrate it into the more reliable world of RCK control systems. Our expert integration staff will work with you during the discovery process to determine how best to bring your legacy control system into the modern age of monitoring and controls.

The following PLC, PAC and I/O platforms have all been used by RCK in the past and integrate seamlessly into RCK’s larger control and management system architecture: