Alarming – All analog and digital I/O can be monitored for alarm states, with custom messaging options. In addition, more complex objects, such as a sand filter or temperature control process can offer higher level alarm and status messages. These alarms are automatically archived.

Data Logging – All analog points in the system are recorded at a specified interval for future fault analysis, report generation, and trending. This information is automatically archived.

Customizable Interfaces – The RCK System Interface is built around a fully customizable user interface. Customers can design and implement an unlimited number of additional screens allowing for new ways to monitor and control their system. These changes are all made while the system is online, and any changes provide immediate feedback to their efficacy.

Online Modifications – With certain solutions RCK offers the ability to make a wide variety of changes to the system without stopping and re-starting mission critical components. This ability allows for simple modifications without impacting total system performance.

Notifications – Basic visual notifications, as well as legacy paging solutions, automated voice messaging, and detailed email alarm messaging options are all available. These notification solutions are fully customizable, and RCK will set up your system to meet your needs.

Support – RCK’s offers one year of support from the time of installation, as well as numerous ongoing standard support options. Custom support solutions to meet your needs can be arranged with RCK’s staff.

Remote Access – RCK has extensive experience working with IT departments around the world to provide reliable remote access solutions that work for your enterprise. From integrating into pre-existing corporate solutions, to designing from the ground up a dedicated remote access option for the control system administrators, RCK is well suited to help you best meet your remote access needs.

Access Control – Multiple user levels are supported, and customizable user access settings can be easily created by supervisors. User interaction and changes can be monitored and archived.

Data Analysis – Basic system data can be analyzed using simple data analysis techniques that have been integrated in the RCK System Interface.

Automated Backups – Critical system status and on site updates can be automatically archived and stored remotely.

Event Logging – Tracking of both normal and mission critical events in a time stamped log. Can include automated archival.

Training – RCK offers training options before system installation, during startup, as well as on-going training for new employees and skill enhancement training for long time employees.

Customized Reporting – Custom reports based on analog, digital or other system information can be created for internal reports, as well as governmental compliance related report requirements.